Moving to the Desert Turned out Pretty Good for Us


I never thought we would be moving to the desert. I was bummed about it, but I was happy to have been offered a stable job with a firm that seemed to really appreciate my work. I had been doing telecommuting projects for them for a few years as a subcontractor. They offered me a full time position where I basically write my own ticket. However, I had to live in Las Vegas. I left it up to my wife to find us nice apartments in North Las Vegas for rent to look at. She found a great place at Tribeca North. The rooms are nicely sized, and the kitchen is perfect. I was comfortable in the place the first time we looked at it, and there was not a stick of furniture in the apartment to make it feel homey.

I always have a lot of doubts about things. I was worried about the desert heat in July and August, and I was worried about living so close to a city. I was not used to any of that. Plus, I was not used to answering to a boss or having to actually sit in on meetings. I had worked from home for years. Though I had my trepidation, I was able to adjust to the new routines easily. I was making much more money and working far fewer hours, so that was great. The apartment is perfect, and it is situated just far enough from Las Vegas to make it feel just right. I am not an urbanite at all.

We have really been enjoying our new place. My wife decorated it to make it elegant and very comfortable. We even got a new bed that helps me sleep like a baby. After all the years of stressing working for myself, this is like a vacation. I am happy we moved here to North Las Vegas. We should have done it years ago.